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Learn how to make money in BULL and BEAR markets by mastering trend trading in 7 simple steps.

This step-by-step guide book offers a practical road map to get yourself familiarized with the trend trading and develop a trend trading system that suits you.

In the 7 Steps, Fast And Simple Steps to Profit From Trend Trading helps you to:

1.     Identify your motivation that will help you succeed in trend trending

2.     Find out which trading style suits you most

3.     Increase your ability to identify trading opportunities from your daily life

4.     Master technical and fundamental analysis basics

5.     Master different order types

6.     Develop your trend trading strategy and system

7.     Fine tune your trend trading system

Another unique feature of this book is that it contains an Action List at the end of each step that helps you accomplish its objectives.

The book also covers the key drivers and indicators for each sector so as to you improve your trend trading and sector rotation techniques. Furthermore, the book covers ways to prevent 10 common trading mistakes and provides many useful practical tips that can easily save you lots of time and money.


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What's Unique About The Book

Without a doubt, there are many books on Trend Trading or Trend Following out there. Some recently publihsed books on this subject that are authored by Thomas Carr, Daryl Guppy, Michael Covel and Kendrick Brown had made trend trading even more popular. However, what inspired me to write this book is the fact that I could not find a book that offered readers concrete and simple steps to master trend trading.

I believe many people do not have the time to read through a 350-page book only to ask "Ok, I know trend trading is great but how do I start?". Many readers often have to pay thousands of dollars to learn the basics of trend trading after reading one of the bestselling trading books as they still have no clue of what to do next.

Step by Step Guide to Help You Build a Trend Trading System

This book is written as a step-by-step guide so that it can effectively address the above issues. There is an Action List at the end of each step that will be extremely helpful to readers who need additional guidance in developing a trend trading system. There is even a short quizz to test your technical analysis skills because I cannot find any book that try to effectively teach technical analysis. If you follow the steps in the book, you should have developed a personalized trend trading system at the end of it.

Synergizing Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Furthermore, most trend trading books focus only on technical analysis. However, from experience, I find that unsustainable and unwise for most traders. Professional traders usually do not trade just base on technical analysis so why most retail traders are told to focus only on technicals? This book attempts to address this problem by synergizing fundmental and technical analysis in a way that is easy for everybody to understand.

Furthermore, this book lists out all the key fundamental criteria one must look at while analyzing a stock. It also has an unique criteria called the Book Value Return Ratio that will help you quickly filter out expensive stocks.

Detailed Coverage of Each Sector

This book will also help you learn sector rotation trading techniques that will enable you to beat market returns by picking the sector that is trending strongly. In the book, you will find detailed explanations about the drivers of each of the highly popular 9 Select Sector SPDRs that cover major sectors of the US economy. With this unique guide, you should be able to analyze the fundamentals behind each sector much more quickly and accurately.

Suitable for novice or experienced traders

If you are new to trend trading (or trend following - they are essentially the same stuff) or you simply are not performing up to your expectations in trend trading, this book is for you. For the price of probably less than the commission of a trade, you get to master the basic skills that will last you a lifetime.


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For the price that is probably less than the commission of a trade, you will gain new insights into trend trading whether you are new to trend trading or an experienced hand.


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