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This site is primarily an educational website to complete my book, Fast And Simple Steps To Profit From Trend Trading because I believe that trend trading education is a continuous process and that's what makes it fun! Furthermore, the book contains Action Lists that readers might need further guidance on. This website aims to provide readers with this additional resource that they may want.

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Henry Ong has accumulated many years of practical trading experience. He has held senior positions in various international firms and advised corporations and wealthy individuals regarding finance, investments, trading, mergers & acquisitions and complex deal structuring. He enjoys sharing his knowledge in financial, trading, investment and business subjects. From his experience, he believes a simple step-by-step guide is highly effective in guiding most beginners. This led him to write this book which aims to provide readers with seven simple steps on how to become a successful trend trader. Henry graduated from Cornell University and is also a Chartered Public Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst.


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