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Investors Not Impressed With Ford Outlook

US Markets - Wed, 12/18/2013 - 12:40

All the cheerful news aside, the one comparison that stands out in the outlook that Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) released Wednesday morning is the drop in expected pretax profit. For 2013, Ford expects to ...

Top Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades: Apple, Arch Coal, Groupon, Juniper and More

US Markets - Wed, 12/18/2013 - 09:45

Stocks are still within striking distance of all-time highs going into year-end and 2014. That means that investors have to figure out how to position their assets and portfolios for 2014 when the stock ...

Top 2013 IPOs to See Major Volume Around Russell 2000 Index Change

US Markets - Wed, 12/18/2013 - 09:35

This year was a banner one for initial public offerings (IPOs). Now many of those top names will be added to the Russell 2000 on December 20, 2013. What this means for investors is that there could be ...

Piper Jaffray Top Stocks to Buy for 2014

US Markets - Wed, 12/18/2013 - 09:20

Like most firms that we cover on Wall Street, Piper Jaffray has updated its top names to buy for 2014, and the firm has an extensive market commentary to go along with the changes and additions. The analysts ...

Why 2014 Could Be a Win for Some Metals and Mining Leaders

US Markets - Tue, 12/17/2013 - 09:40

Commodity prices took a sharp downward turn in 2013, but the good news appears to be that it will not get any worse in 2014. According a recent report, analysts at Moody’s Investors Service say that average ...

Eight Stocks That Will Have Huge Volume Friday Around S&P 500 Rebalance

US Markets - Tue, 12/17/2013 - 09:00

This Friday, trading volume on some top stocks in the S&P 500 will soar. In addition to the normal volatility and volume associated with quadruple witching, the S&P 500 will undergo its quarterly share ...

Top Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades: AMD, Apple, Exxon and More

US Markets - Mon, 12/16/2013 - 09:50

Stocks have pulled back marginally but are still close to all-time highs. We are sliding into year-end, and investors are trying to position themselves for 2014 and beyond. 24/7 Wall St. reviews dozens ...

UBS Top Quality Growth at Reasonable Price Stocks for 2014

US Markets - Mon, 12/16/2013 - 09:35

The UBS quality growth at a reasonable price (Q-GARP) list is constructed using an initial quantitative screen of stocks based on: 1) quality metrics — high and stable profitability, 2) growth — high expected ...

The 4 Stocks That Moved the Market on Friday

US Markets - Fri, 12/13/2013 - 17:25

December 13, 2013: Markets opened higher on Friday morning but struggled to hold onto those gains throughout the day. It was very close, but the three major indexes did manage only a mixed close. The DJIA ...

Friday IPOs: One’s Hot, the Other’s Not

US Markets - Fri, 12/13/2013 - 12:40

Two more initial public offerings (IPOs) went off Friday morning. Nimble Storage Inc. (NYSE: NMBL) and Cheniere Energy Partners L.P. Holdings LLC (NYSEMKT: CQH) are both trading, but with considerably ...

Top Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades: BP, Cisco, GM, Twitter and More

US Markets - Fri, 12/13/2013 - 09:55

Stocks are still close to all-time highs as the new year approaches, and investors have to start positioning themselves for 2014. 24/7 Wall St. reviews dozens of Wall Street analyst reports each morning ...

Fallen Angels of 2013 Are Stocks to Buy for 2014

US Markets - Fri, 12/13/2013 - 09:25

You know it has been a tough year for a stock when the market is up more than 25% but the stock is down. Underperformance in an up market can happen for many reasons. Earnings misses or poor guidance, ...

Tech IPOs to Watch Out for in 2014

US Markets - Thu, 12/12/2013 - 16:30

With 590 U.S. technology companies in the IPO pipeline, 2014 is looking to be a good year.

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