Third Party Resources

Below are useful resources by other parties that will help you improve your trading. You will find good free news websites, subscription based websites and sites for country specific news and online brokerages.

Free news websites

Country specific news

  • Economist - good coverage of news in each country although do not expect it to be the most updated
  • World Bank - good source for statistics  various countries.

Online brokerages for US listed stocks

  • Interactivebrokers - deep discount broker with excellent trading platform with global coverage
  • eTrade - solid online trading platform
  • TradeStation - built for high frequency traders

Forex brokers

  • CMC markets - spreads are decent however platform is heavy. Has offices in many countries including Asia.
  • FXCM - supposedly no dealing desk execution but spreads are not the lowest. Platform is easy to use. Possible to start with small account size.
  • Interactivebrokers - offers very low spreads generally for forex and has a specialized platform for forex trading. However lot size is larger.

Automated trading software

  • Amibroker - great technical analytical software, good support and cheap. However, its automated trading connects to only Interactivebroker and it is not seamless. There is wide user base. Extremely fast optimization and backtests.
  • Cooltrade - easy to use and easy integration with a few brokerages. Don't need any programming experience. However, it lacks flexibility as a result. It can only trade standard lot sizes of 100 shares per lot. Lack of backtesting and optimization options is an issue. Takes up a lot of computer resources but it is decent for those that do not want to program.
  • NinjaTrader - new version 7 has much improved interface and it is able to integrate with many brokerages. However, some commented that it is not extremely stable for high frequency trading. However, there is a wide following. Not the cheapest.
  • OpenQuant - been around for more than a decade. A decent system but has less user base. Decently priced but support from user group might be more limited than others.
  • Tradestation - offers proprietary programming language and large user base support. However, it is more expensive option compared to the rest and its advantage has been eroded by improvements in others.

Investment Opinions

  • Seeking Alpha - forum that contains analysis and gossips posted by members from all walks of life. Some are highly analytical, others are merely opinions.
  • Motley Fool - a popular stock investment and trading website with its own team of authors. However, the timing of the recommendations leave much to be desired at times and the analysis often lacks depth. No matter, they offer good reads for those who are new to stock investing.